Attached are the weeks sheets and weekly lesson plan calendar.

Can you believe it is June already?!  Some days I feel like we have been doing this remote learning thing way too long and other days I can’t believe how quick the weeks have gone!  Good news though, only 3 and a half more weeks left — we can do this!

FYI – Google Meet trouble with Grid View – I did a little google search while students were in Spanish and was able to fix my grid view.  There is an update to the grid view.  I had to remove the old one I had previously installed to chrome and add the new one.  When in the google meet if I hover over the grid view in top right-hand corner a little menu pops up with options of how the grid view looks and then at the bottom in blue letters it had a link to download the updated version.  Maybe this will help you too!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday 6/5 Google Meet Read Aloud and Spanish

I hope you had a great weekend!