*****ATTENDANCE–Log intoATTENDANCE Google Classroom and answer the question for your attendance to be counted, or you will be marked ABSENT-regardless of what work you complete that day!!****

We will continue with Lexia and Go Math as we have done in the past weeks.

Biography Project: In third grade, we have a long standing tradition to complete a biography research project and wax museum presentation. This has always been a highlight of the third grade year and something that they remember forever. Unfortunately, during this time of online learning we are unable to complete the project in the way it was intended, however we are hoping to enjoy this project in a new and different way. Attached you will find directions and a suggested timeline in order to complete the project. We will also be uploading daily directions for the students in Classroom Writing.  We tried to divide the work into manageable and reasonable segments, but please feel free to work at your own comfortable place. It might be a good idea to utilize Flexible Fridays for some extra research opportunities. Please look over the attached directions and let us know if you feel this will be a hardship for your family so that we can try to make it more achievable for you.

Directions_ Biography Project


RAZ KIDS– Log on complete one book and 3 tasks. You can access this through Websites Google Classroom

EXTENSION ACTIVITIES—These are found in Google Classroom Websites.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM WEBSITES–you can go there for Splash Learning, Raz Kids, Moby Max, multiplication games etc…

Don’t forget to take Brain Breaks and “get your ZOOMIES out!”