I am changing the due date for the Final part of the Biography Report, that they have been working so hard on, until Tuesday, June 9th. See options Below.

We will hold a Google Meet on Tuesday, June 9th at 1:00, where students have the opportunity to join and see their friends, present.  Here they can “dress up” if desired and give their speech, or they can share option #2.  If they are not able to attend, no worries.  If they have already created a video, please email it to me and then I will share. If they choose not to share in Google meet, but attend, no worries, then please be sure they complete option #2 in the Biography #2 Doc.

We apologize for the short notice.  After speaking with our 3rd grade team and several students,  there was a request for an extension, and thought a Google Meet would be fun to share all our hard work.

Option 1: Students will dress up as the person using the items they already have at home. (In previous years, we had a lot of athletes so students used their own uniforms as their costume. We also had several students dress as authors and just wore nicer clothing. Some students even had old Halloween costumes that matched up perfectly with the person they were representing.) Students will video record themselves reading the speech and send it via Flipgrid, Photo Booth, etc. (more information about the specific program to come closer to the date).

Option 2: If the students are camera shy, students will write 8+ sentences using the following writing prompt: Would you like to meet the person you researched? Why or why not? What would you say to them? What would you ask them?