All of the documents for the week are in the stream on google classroom.  (If at any time you need a document just email Mrs Barroqueiro and she will send it to you.)

A few things to note for this coming week:

  • We are reviewing again in phonics and ending with an assessment on Thursday.  I have attached an assessment paper – the same paper we would have used in school so your child will be familiar with it.  The assessment will post on Thursday and will be one audio file for the whole test.  Hopefully this makes it easier with less clicking and technology.  Please take a picture of the assessment and post it on google classroom so I can grade it.
  • We are starting poetry this week in writing.  This is a difficult writing concept for first graders especially because we stress the formal structure of writing with complete sentences and punctuation all year.  Keep in mind this is just an introduction and we are not expecting mastery.
  • I will schedule some small groups for next week (maybe just have some people stay on after our birthday meets) so students get more of a chance to talk.  I will send invites on google classroom stream.