Attached are the documents and lesson plan calendar for the week.

A few things to note:
When doing math in Think Central you need to do the Interactive Student Edition first. That is the lesson. Make sure to click the whistles for the personal math trainer and click turn in and complete it till the end so I see that you did it. A lot of people are completing the homework and not the Interactive Student Edition.
When you get your math book you may choose to do the workbook pages or the work online instead. Either way is fine and the choice is yours. The two assignments will still post on Think Central so you can use them for extra practice or instead of the workbook. *I will just post the lesson number on google classroom and you can just click “turn in” for that assignment so I know you completed it (regardless of paper or online).

Reminder – student books can be picked up tomorrow (Monday 5/18). If you haven’t already done so please let me know what way works for you to collect (Bradford, LaFountain House, or delivery). Click link to sign up.