A few things to note:

  • Phonics video on Tuesday is a bit longer than previous ones but it is really good.  It is a teacher specifically teaching Fundations doing all the routine things we would have if we were in the classroom.  Please have your child follow along as much as possible.  The end has dictation (teacher is saying word/sentence and asking students to write).  Your child can do this in their journal.  They do not have to worry about the markings just focus on writing words/sentence.  It is really great practice.
  • There is a math test on Wednesday.  I am giving the option of completing on Think Central online or paper.  If using paper please upload a picture.
  • There is also a phonics (Fundations) test on Thursday.  Same as last time – my voice in one file and test paper from school.  If you can’t print you can use any paper you have.  Please upload picture when completed.
  • I created some mini lesson videos for writing workshop.  In the spring we usually spend some time on reinforcing more of the grammar skills in writing.  Students will need the workbook “Being a Writer – Student Skill Practice Book” after the video to complete the lessons.  Please bear with me as I venture into this video lesson making arena!