1. Remote Online Teaching and Learning Expectations: (As per the Superintendent’s Directive) 

  • K-5 teachers are expected to offer two to three non-instructional live sessions for students to check in, socialize with classmates, receive small group support and see their teachers. 
  • Teachers are allowed flexibility in resources and modes of instruction; for example, teachers may use pre-recorded videos (e.g., Khan Academy), teacher created recorded videos, district approved third-party educational platforms (see District Approved Online Resources ), etc.

 2. Fair & Equitable
When we returned from Spring Break, we have held Google Meets, twice a week, at various times.  Given such, only 10-12 students (usually the same students) join these Meets, of our 22 students.  Many students cannot make the Meets for a variety of reasons. (ie. Parents working from inside or outside the home, limited devices, spotty internet). Creating Online, LIVE teaching lessons at a specific time would create a great disparity of learning for many of our students.

3.  Live Google Teaching: I understand that there are a few teachers who are providing live teaching lessons. Dr. Parker, the Superintendent, has directed teachers not  to put any additional strain on families who have children in multiple grade levels. I am cc’ing Ms. Kirkman on this email in case any of you would like to hear directly from her regarding the Superintendent’s directive. This might include: not enough devices in the home, parents working from home or outside the home, and timing issues, etc. 

In addition, I do not have the proper teaching materials available in my home to do this.  For example, White board, dry erase markers, chart paper etc.

Our third-grade team is in contact with each other 2-3 times a week.  Ms. Caceres has volunteered to make the GoMath! videos, moving forward.  

I know the situation is far from ideal, but we are doing the best that we possibly can. It is our hope that all this will be behind us soon and that students can resume normal, in-person instruction in the Fall. 

4.  Morning Reading:  Each morning I post a Video of myself reading to our students, Filters and all.  We are currently reading WONDER. 

5.  QUESTIONS-Google Classroom:  We are available from 10 am – 2 pm to answer any students’ questions, problems, or concerns.  If we were in class, this is where they would “raise their hand.”  Mrs. Marsek and I are very quick to respond to such concerns.  What we have also found is that other classmates help out and answer as well.