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1B: Spanish, Library, Art, Music, Tech, EP

Week of September 14
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PE due May 29th

Hi Everyone, I’m so happy to see most of you are watching the physical education lessons and responding by sending a comment. It has also been great to see many of you in flipgrid videos demonstrating your awesome skills. Keep up the great work!

1) (Required) Watch the video lesson. Respond to the lesson in a comment sharing with me a)what you learned from the video and b)how you can create obstacles to practice footwork and agility. Remember that our natural environment is full of obstacles.

2) (Optional) Show yourself in action. Record a clip on flipgrid that shows you using obstacles to practice footwork and agility. For ideas, think of all the obstacles courses we challenge ourselves with when we’re in the Bradford gym. Be creative and have fun! :)Mr.M

Art Week 8 (5/11 – 5/15)

Due Jun 26

Hello my favorite artists!

I uploaded a video of your project for this week. Remember, you can always press pause and play at your convenience.

Once you finish your art project, UPLOAD AN IMAGE on Google Classroom and mark your work as “turned in.” The image will help me verify that your work is complete. The link below can also show you how to upload images on Google Classroom.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ms. Bautista

Don’t forget to submit a picture of your flamingo project from last week. If I responded to your flamingo picture, then you are all set.

Week of May 11, 1st Grade Tech Lesson

Due May 26

*Lesson Calendar included. Please review.

1. First click the Clever Login (a BrainPop how to access guide is attached).
2. Second click BrainPOPJr from Clever.
3. Third click the Dashboard button at the top right of the BrainPOP Jr page.
4. Fourth click in Assignments “Computational Thinking” movie and draw about it (Allow Flash Player To Run). On the draw about it activity, click Save, then click Submit to teacher.
Note: If using an iPad to complete this assignment, the assignment may not load exactly the same as it does on a computer. Please follow any prompts that appear on the screen. Let me know if you run into any issues.