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June 5, 2020

Week of June 1
June 1, 2020

Science Week due June 5: Are Unicorns Real

Science Week due June 5: Are Unicorns Real

SOCIAL due June 5: Flip for the Olympics

SOCIAL due June 5: Flip for the Olympics
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Week of June 1st


Attached are the weeks sheets and weekly lesson plan calendar.

Can you believe it is June already?!  Some days I feel like we have been doing this remote learning thing way too long and other days I can’t believe how quick the weeks have gone!  Good news though, only 3 and a half more weeks left — we can do this!

FYI – Google Meet trouble with Grid View – I did a little google search while students were in Spanish and was able to fix my grid view.  There is an update to the grid view.  I had to remove the old one I had previously installed to chrome and add the new one.  When in the google meet if I hover over the grid view in top right-hand corner a little menu pops up with options of how the grid view looks and then at the bottom in blue letters it had a link to download the updated version.  Maybe this will help you too!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday 6/5 Google Meet Read Aloud and Spanish

I hope you had a great weekend!


Week of 26/05

A few things to note:

  • Phonics video on Tuesday is a bit longer than previous ones but it is really good.  It is a teacher specifically teaching Fundations doing all the routine things we would have if we were in the classroom.  Please have your child follow along as much as possible.  The end has dictation (teacher is saying word/sentence and asking students to write).  Your child can do this in their journal.  They do not have to worry about the markings just focus on writing words/sentence.  It is really great practice.
  • There is a math test on Wednesday.  I am giving the option of completing on Think Central online or paper.  If using paper please upload a picture.
  • There is also a phonics (Fundations) test on Thursday.  Same as last time – my voice in one file and test paper from school.  If you can’t print you can use any paper you have.  Please upload picture when completed.
  • I created some mini lesson videos for writing workshop.  In the spring we usually spend some time on reinforcing more of the grammar skills in writing.  Students will need the workbook “Being a Writer – Student Skill Practice Book” after the video to complete the lessons.  Please bear with me as I venture into this video lesson making arena!

WEEK of 5/18


Attached are the documents and lesson plan calendar for the week.

A few things to note:
When doing math in Think Central you need to do the Interactive Student Edition first. That is the lesson. Make sure to click the whistles for the personal math trainer and click turn in and complete it till the end so I see that you did it. A lot of people are completing the homework and not the Interactive Student Edition.
When you get your math book you may choose to do the workbook pages or the work online instead. Either way is fine and the choice is yours. The two assignments will still post on Think Central so you can use them for extra practice or instead of the workbook. *I will just post the lesson number on google classroom and you can just click “turn in” for that assignment so I know you completed it (regardless of paper or online).

Reminder – student books can be picked up tomorrow (Monday 5/18). If you haven’t already done so please let me know what way works for you to collect (Bradford, LaFountain House, or delivery). Click link to sign up.




Week of May 11

Attached are the documents and lesson plan for the week.  I also put them on the stream in google classroom.

A few things to note for this coming week:

  • Math lessons will all be in Think Central (you access through clever) now that we have run out of paper that was sent home.  (Oh, How I wish I could go back to the last day and send home all books that are still in students’ desks!)  Once on Think Central site you would click the Things to Do and then you will see the assignments for the day.  Each lesson will have 2 assignments: Interactive Student Edition and Homework.  Interactive Student Edition will be like what you have been watching but I will be able to track the progress with the personal math trainer.  *Make sure you click both orange and red whistles when watching videos and click turn in after.  Then students can also complete the homework for that lesson.  I am not completely sure how many problems this will be so I am going to ask for your feedback with this.  If both are too much then just complete the Interactive Student Edition.  *Interactive Student Edition should be done first then the Homework.
  • We are starting a new unit in Fundations with a focus on syllables.  Please read the attached Fundations family letter.
  • Spanish went well on Friday and all seemed to enjoy it (it was even comforting to me to hear the songs) so, Mrs. Grodner will be joining us on Fridays from now on.


Week of May 4

All of the documents for the week are in the stream on google classroom.  (If at any time you need a document just email Mrs Barroqueiro and she will send it to you.)

A few things to note for this coming week:

  • We are reviewing again in phonics and ending with an assessment on Thursday.  I have attached an assessment paper – the same paper we would have used in school so your child will be familiar with it.  The assessment will post on Thursday and will be one audio file for the whole test.  Hopefully this makes it easier with less clicking and technology.  Please take a picture of the assessment and post it on google classroom so I can grade it.
  • We are starting poetry this week in writing.  This is a difficult writing concept for first graders especially because we stress the formal structure of writing with complete sentences and punctuation all year.  Keep in mind this is just an introduction and we are not expecting mastery.
  • I will schedule some small groups for next week (maybe just have some people stay on after our birthday meets) so students get more of a chance to talk.  I will send invites on google classroom stream.