Attached are the documents and lesson plan for the week.  I also put them on the stream in google classroom.

A few things to note for this coming week:

  • Math lessons will all be in Think Central (you access through clever) now that we have run out of paper that was sent home.  (Oh, How I wish I could go back to the last day and send home all books that are still in students’ desks!)  Once on Think Central site you would click the Things to Do and then you will see the assignments for the day.  Each lesson will have 2 assignments: Interactive Student Edition and Homework.  Interactive Student Edition will be like what you have been watching but I will be able to track the progress with the personal math trainer.  *Make sure you click both orange and red whistles when watching videos and click turn in after.  Then students can also complete the homework for that lesson.  I am not completely sure how many problems this will be so I am going to ask for your feedback with this.  If both are too much then just complete the Interactive Student Edition.  *Interactive Student Edition should be done first then the Homework.
  • We are starting a new unit in Fundations with a focus on syllables.  Please read the attached Fundations family letter.
  • Spanish went well on Friday and all seemed to enjoy it (it was even comforting to me to hear the songs) so, Mrs. Grodner will be joining us on Fridays from now on.